2013 -14 League Standings and Results

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Issue 11/2012
The LMWPL fall season Traditional tournaments ...


League Features.

  • Co-ed Play +

    The LMWPL provides a unique co-ed, developmental recreational water polo experience for youth aged 6-18.
  • Coaching +

    The LMWPL clubs are committed to providing the best coaching available to our athletes
  • and Much More... +

    The LMWPL is committed to providing an enjoyable, safe and caring atmosphere for water polo skill development and competition.
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About the LMWPL.

imageIndependent local water polo clubs joined together to administer league and tournament play in the Lower Mainland region. 
image The volunteer led and governed clubs are all members of the British Columbia Water Polo Association and thus part of the Water Polo Canada structure. 
image LMWPL games and tournaments are sanctioned by BCWPA and WPC.

Water Polo

Water polo is one of the world’s most challenging sports, incorporating skills required in sports as varied as swimming, lacrosse, rugby, soccer and basketball. It is simple enough in both its concept and execution to make it accessible to anyone with just modest swimming skills. As a water sport, it’s fundamentally ‘fun’ and attracts kids who like a fast paced activity – and who enjoy playing with a ball in the water.